Gymnast Dylan Schuetz's life depended on him sticking the landing, which he did—more or less, anyway...

The 21-year-old Colorado man was hiking with a couple of friends on St. Mary's Glacier, a popular hiking spot near Idaho Springs, Colorado, earlier this month when he pulled a Wile E. Coyote and tripped down a rock face before tumbling over a 100-foot cliff.

But like an acrobatic boss, he flipped over in mid-air to land on his feet.

"He spots his landing and then kind of does a flip, a front flip over himself," friend Cody Tengler told ABC News.

It wasn't all "10's" across the board for the plucky gymnast, though, as he lost a few points for shattering both legs and ankles and puncturing a lung during the August 13th routine.

But hell, any landing over a rocky 100-foot cliff where you get to be extricated via a rescue helicopter and not by a wet/dry Shop-Vac is a good one, right?

On his page, Schuetz' mom says that her son—who has already undergone one operation and is set for another one on Friday evening—is in good spirits and is looking forward to doing gymnastics again.

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