You would think that a mayoral election in a town with only 61 registered voters would be a fairly straightforward affair. But the picturesque mountain town of Montezuma, Colorado, somehow managed to turn it into a shit-show, and now everyone is headed to court.

The Summit County town (elevation: 10,312 feet) located near the Keystone Ski Resort filed a lawsuit against the town's electorate over a the mayoral election last April, claiming that at least 13 voters and two mayoral candidates were not residents of the town.

According to the Denver Post, Montezuma Mayor Lesley Davis—who won by three votes—says that hauling voters into court is the only option to determine who really won the election.

"Technically we shouldn't have even been sworn in, myself being a new mayor and a new town board," Davis told 9News. "We didn't know what to do."

Needless to say, Montezuma residents are not pleased about being sued for voting.

"Now I'm paying someone to sue me," Montezuma resident Chris Baker told the Post. "It's fairly disturbing that the town is using our tax money to sue us."

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