Dozens of female real estate agents in Arizona say that someone really wants at their feet, and it's starting to seriously weird them out.

A mysterious man, known only as "Anthony," has been contacting the realtors via text message posing as a prospective home buyer—but he would quickly change the topic from houses to heels, asking if the realtors want a foot rub.

"He asked me do I like my feet rubbed," Arizona realtor Carolyn Knight told KPHO-TV. "That's when I said, 'This is getting strange here—we're not talking about houses any more.'"

"Anthony" began contacting the realtors about their feet in April. Authorities say that there isn't much they can do since texting someone to ask if they want a foot massage isn't against the law.

None of the realtors contacted by Anthony have actually met him yet, as he hasn't shown up to any scheduled meetings.

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