An inflatable bouncy slide was sent hurtling some 300 feet by a dust devil during an Independence Day party in Sparks, Nevada.

Fortunately, unlike some previous scary incidents involving big bouncy stuff, nobody was actually on the slide when it was picked up and tossed around by the 60-70 mph winds, which also snapped light poles and destroyed several fences.

Two bystanders did suffer injuries due to flying debris in the incident.

Eyewitnesses say that a child had just gotten off the slide when the dust devil struck.

"I was thinking 'Oh, my God. I hope there are no children in there,''' witness Derek Smith told KOLO-TV.

The owner of the slide, George Dolivo, said that it was tied down with half-a-ton of weight, but it clearly didn't do much good.

"It just lifted it off the ground. Broke tethers, just lifted the tethers right up, ripped it right off," said Dolivo.

Image via KOLO-TV