An 8-week-old kitten will be short a leg—if he manages to survive at all—after some shit-sucking knuckle-dragging dickhead decided to toss him against a brick wall from a moving truck.

Goddamnit, New Mexico—pull your fucking shit together!

Veterinarians say Sam the Kitten suffered a broken elbow, a bloody nose and some head trauma in the incident in Los Lunas on Wednesday morning, and is on IV fluids and pain medication.

If Sam survives the next 24 hours, vets will amputate his shattered right leg on Friday morning.

"Oh heck, he'll be a happy, healthy kitten if all goes well by Saturday morning. He won't miss this leg," Samantha McKinney of the Bosque Animal Clinic told KRQE in Albuquerque.

McKinney says that she already has a new home for Sam lined up and ready when he recovers.

Meanwhile, the fucker who thought it would be funny to throw a helpless kitten into a wall is still at large. Authorities say that the asshole—or assholes—responsible could face a felony extreme cruelty to animals charge in the case.

Image via KOAT