New Mexico Teacher Quarantined for Possible Ebola Exposure

Jason M. Vaughn · 08/19/14 12:55PM

A New Mexico woman who became ill with flu-like symptoms after returning home from West Africa earlier this month is now under quarantine at an Albuquerque hospital where she is being tested for the Ebola virus.

​Letters From the West: Of Tornadoes and Pedal Steel Guitars

Jason M. Vaughn · 08/18/14 01:11PM

When I was just a kid—long before the internet existed to either kill off old irrational fears in avalanches of pedantic data or germinate brand new ones in its' rich and fertile fields of bullshit—I had a morbid fear of tornadoes.

​Colorado Town Files Lawsuit Against Its Own Voters Over Election

Jason M. Vaughn · 08/15/14 04:10PM

You would think that a mayoral election in a town with only 61 registered voters would be a fairly straightforward affair. But the picturesque mountain town of Montezuma, Colorado, somehow managed to turn it into a shit-show, and now everyone is headed to court.

Colorado Health Officials Warn Residents of "Rabbit Fever"

Jason M. Vaughn · 08/07/14 12:37PM

Health officials in Colorado are warning people to stay away from sick or dead rabbits over fears of "rabbit fever," a potentially life-threatening disease. In even more troubling news, there's apparently a need for official reminders not to play with sick or dead rabbits.

Letters from The West: Babies and Road Trips

Jason M. Vaughn · 08/01/14 01:33PM

A week later, the summer monsoons are still pouring down across the Rio Grande Valley, as my wife, Kirbi, and I wait here at Goat Farm for the birth of our son.

Cops: Alleged Casino Robber Spent Cash on Hookers, Clothes, Good Times

Jason M. Vaughn · 07/30/14 02:19PM

Like a lot of tourists, Scott Carmitchel of Kansas had himself a helluva time in Las Vegas last weekend, with a $400 hotel room at the Hard Rock Hotel, a Caesars Palace shopping spree, a bag of weed and a quartet of hookers helping to keep his spirits high.