Utah Official Compares BLM to Gestapo in Congressional Hearing

Jason M. Vaughn · 07/25/14 09:37AM

A rural Utah county commissioner told a U.S. House committee on Thursday that the Bureau of Land Management is acting like the Gestapo because the agency refused to renew a law enforcement contract with the county sheriff and are doing their own law enforcement on public land instead.

Here's a Nice Rainbow!

Jason M. Vaughn · 07/17/14 08:15PM

A rainbow rises above some abandoned trailers in a pasture following a monsoon thunderstorm over my home near the Santa Clara Pueblo in northern New Mexico on Thursday evening.

Range War Brewing Between Ranchers and Wild Mustangs

Jason M. Vaughn · 07/15/14 08:00PM

A herd of wild horses racing across the open range is as much a part of the west as cowboys, cattle and pickup trucks—meaning, of course, that they too are an invasive species.

​Texan Takes Annual Bison Shit-Tossing Title

Jason M. Vaughn · 07/14/14 07:17PM

A man from the Lone Star State has proven once again that everything is bigger in Texas—especially when it comes to the distance in feet an adult can purposely throw a turd.