Two happy young people, enjoying a nice afternoon at a state fair, decide to take a ride on a carnival ride that sends them high into the air and leaves them hanging upside down.

And we've all seen how that movie usually ends—a loud snap, the screech of twisting metal, a shower of sparks and terrified screams as blood and dismembered limbs rain down on horrified bystanders…

Well, fortunately for riders and bystanders alike, it wasn't nearly that bad—but the already-sketchy reputation of carnival rides certainly wasn't helped much over the weekend after a teen injured his shoulder when his safety harness broke on a ride at the Colorado State Fair.

Matt Landin, 15, was riding the "Sky Fire" with his older sister at the fair in Pueblo on Sunday when a shoulder harness on the ride—which swings riders upside down—apparently snapped, forcing Landin to hold on for his life.

Landin's sister, 22-year-old Tawney Martinez, captured the entire accident on her phone.

"As soon as we went upside down the first time, the harness snapped up," Landin told KRDO-TV in Colorado Springs. "And I braced myself and I looked at her, and I thought, oh my God."

"It holds you upside down for a good 15 seconds and then it drops and when it drops is when I felt my shoulder separate and felt it pop", Landin said.

Landin says he tore several muscles in his shoulder in the accident.

Colorado State Fair general manager Chris Wiseman says that the family shared the video with fair officials, and says that they have fixed the problem with the ride.

"We've had an issue. We've addressed it," Wiseman told KRDO. "I believe the rides are safe."

According to KMGH-TV in Denver, the owner of the ride—Crabtree Amusements—blamed a faulty safety latch for the incident, and is working with the manufacturer to fix the piece.

The company has been involved in other amusement ride accidents in the past decade, though, including a 2005 Austin, Texas, accident on a ride called "The Sizzler" that killed a 9-year-old girl.

Officials in Colorado say that the company had all of the proper inspection paperwork on file with the state.

Landin says that his amusement park ride days are, quite understandably, over for good.

"I'm not riding any ride ever," Landin told KRDO. "That ruined rides for me."

Image via KRDO