Authorities say that a Centennial, Wyoming, pastor was shot and seriously wounded with his own gun after he allegedly interrupted a burglar at his rural church—which is a bit of a puzzler as authorities say they have yet to find evidence of any break-in at all.

According to the Albany County Sheriff's Department, deputies were called to the Centennial Valley Community Church around 8:20 p.m. on Tuesday evening, where they found 44-year-old Pastor Dennis Lynn Davis with a gunshot wound to what was described as his "lower abdomen area."

Davis was airlifted to a Cheyenne hospital, where he is reportedly stable after undergoing surgery on Wednesday.

Authorities say that Davis told them that he interrupted a burglary at his church and was shot following a struggle with the intruder for Davis' weapon, described as a .380 caliber handgun.

However, Albany County Undersheriff Rob DeBree says that nothing was missing from the church, and no sign of any burglar was found.

"It's alleged to be a burglary, but that's still under investigation," DeBree told the Associated Press.

Investigators say Davis described the alleged suspect as approximately 6 feet tall and wearing a black ski mask, black gloves and camouflaged clothes—a description that one Centennial resident told the Laramie Boomerang newspaper was worryingly vague.

"The description that they gave of, 'camo jacket and six feet'—that describes half of Centennial," Tara Gusea told the Boomerang.

Authorities say that an overnight search of Centennial and the surrounding area did not turn up anybody matching that description.

UPDATE: After being faced with a big pile of conflicting evidence, Davis admitted to authorities that he shot himself, KGWN-TV in Cheyenne reports.

According to authorities, Davis admitted making up the burglary story and apologized, saying that he had some personal issues to work out for himself.

Davis could face criminal charges for injuring himself and making a false police report.

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Image via the Centennial Valley Community Church