Goddamnit, New Mexico.

You know, if you live in the state long enough you learn to just sort of shrug off the more eccentric bits as the tax you have to pay in exchange for the awesome scenery.

Somebody says they saw Bigfoot up by Jemez Springs? Sure, why not.

Unexplained humming sound in Taos? I've never heard it, but fine.

UFO's near Roswell? Tourists love spending money that sort of bullshit—so whatever.

Skinwalkers out on the Navajo Reservation? Who am I to say there aren't?

But when your hometown cops start seeing ghosts—and then talk about them to the media in connection to actual, unsolved crimes—you start to feel a bit more concerned that maybe an intervention or some counseling is in order.

For example, Española police officer Karl Romero says that surveillance cameras at the town's police station recently captured a g-g-g-g-ghost wandering around a secured entrance at night.

The surveillance video shows a bright white blob making it's way across a secured area. According to KOAT-TV, Romero says he immediately reported the sighting to his supervisors—but they found no trace of anyone in the area.

KOAT reporter Nancy Laflin added—with an admirably straight face—that as far as anybody knows the police station wasn't built on an ancient burial ground and that no inmates have died in the facility.

Police say that there was no way into or out of the area without a gate opening and an alarm going off. Police Detective Solomon Romero told KOAT that he not only absolutely believes in ghosts, but...

"I do believe in ghosts — I don't know (what exactly was on the video), but we've had some unsolved murders in the area," Romero said.


Goddamnit, New Mexico.

Image via YouTube