Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin is having a hell of a time keeping her satanic groups straight, and the mix-up may require her to make a rather awkward apology.

The Republican governor on Monday condemned a planned "Black Mass" scheduled for September 21 at the city-owned Oklahoma City Civic Center, blasting the notion that "New York City 'satanists' would travel all the way to Oklahoma to peddle their filth here."

"This 'Black Mass' is a disgusting mockery of the Catholic faith, and it should be equally repellent to Catholics and non-Catholics alike," Fallin said in a statement. "It may be protected by the First Amendment, but that doesn't mean we can't condemn it in the strongest terms possible for the moral outrage which it is. It is shocking and disgusting that a group of New York City 'satanists' would travel all the way to Oklahoma to peddle their filth here. I pray they realize how hurtful their actions are and cancel this event."

But it seems that the shocking, disgusting and morally-outrageous filth in question was not being imported from New York City, but was actually home-grown filth from the great state of Oklahoma.

On Tuesday the Satanic Temple of New York City demanded that Fallin apologize for her statement, saying that they have nothing to do with the planned Oklahoma City Black Mass.

In fact, they say they aren't endorsing the event at all because the event's actual organizers aren't "acting responsibly."

"We have nothing to do with this event whatsoever," Satanic Temple spokesperson Lucien Greaves told Oklahoma City's KFOR-TV.

"For the Governor to display such a complete failure of due diligence, to the point of erroneously focusing public ire on us, is unconscionable. We're disgusted. We have sown a great deal of good will in Oklahoma and this seems to be a deliberate attempt to undermine that. I feel the Governor owes our organization an apology."

The governor's statement follows similar statements from Catholic Archbishop Paul Coakley, who fears that a Black Mass–which he says will feature "urination, nudity and other unspeakable acts"–will allow dark powers to percolate through the streets of Oklahoma City.

"The Satanic ritual that is scheduled to be performed at our Civic Center is to invoke those dark powers, which I believe are very real and call them into our city, into our community." said Coakley, who says that civic facilities should be reserved for "positive" events.

The Oklahoma City Black Mass (great seats still available!) is being organized by Adam Daniels–a self-described "high priest" of the satanic group "Dakhma of Angra Mainyu" who has organized three similar events in the Civic Center since 2010.

Daniels (aka "The Dark Lord") is also a registered sex offender who was convicted of having a sexual relationship with a female prisoner while he worked as a guard at an Oklahoma prison.

Oklahoma City Civic Center officials say that they rented the facility out to Daniels' group for five hours at $420. The officials had previously noted that they can't deny use of the facility to any group based on their content, even if others find it offensive.

They also noted that nobody actually attended Daniels' previous Black Mass–something that Greaves says is likely to change this time thanks to the combined marketing efforts of hand-wringing elected officials and the local Catholic diocese.

Unfortunately, Catholics and local officials seem only too happy to give them all of the publicity they like. If they instead let the event pass without feigning superstitious outrage, I'm confident it would be an underwhelming, under-attended event.

While the Satanic Temple of New York City say that they have nothing to do with next month's naked piss fest, they have made their presence known in Oklahoma in the recent past by working to get a monument to Ol' Pitch erected in the state capitol building.

Image via Singout.org