Stark Photos Show California's Largest Reservoir Going Dry

Jason M. Vaughn · 09/08/14 01:31AM

Shasta Lake provides recreation, irrigation and power for a large chunk of California—and if it doesn't start raining a lot very soon it looks like a lot of Californians are going to have to make some rather harsh lifestyle changes.

Colorado Trying to Solve Legal Pot Supply vs. Demand Problem

Jason M. Vaughn · 09/04/14 03:14PM

When Colorado and Washington State voters legalized marijuana in 2012, cannabis enthusiasts from across the nation were thrilled by the prospect of easy access to hassle-free weed–just hop on a flight to Denver or Seattle, cruise on into a safe and legal pot retailer and walk out with enough high-grade marijuana to keep you more or less permanently stoned.

Texas School Boots Navajo Kindergartner on First Day Over Long Hair

Jason M. Vaughn · 09/03/14 12:10PM

The biggest day in the life of any child is that very first day of school, where they leave their parent's side for the first time and enter the big, sometimes scary world on their own. It's a next step in their evolution into an identity separate from their parents. It's the day when they finally become big boys or big girls, forever.

Newborn Mountain Lions Rescued from Montana Wildfire

Jason M. Vaughn · 09/02/14 10:46AM

Firefighters battling a fast-moving wildfire in western Montana made a miraculous rescue last week, saving a pair of adorable newborn mountain lions trapped under a burning log.

Police Shooting-Plagued Albuquerque to Host Police Shooting Tourney

Jason M. Vaughn · 08/29/14 02:09PM

It might be a good time for the homeless, or teenagers, or Latinos, or African-Americans, or…actually, shit, pretty much everybody in Albuquerque to get out of town because about 500 cops from across the nation and beyond are set to descend on New Mexico's largest city to play with their guns.

UPDATE: Wyoming Pastor Mysteriously Shot with Own Gun in Church

Jason M. Vaughn · 08/28/14 03:02PM

Authorities say that a Centennial, Wyoming, pastor was shot and seriously wounded with his own gun after he allegedly interrupted a burglar at his rural church—which is a bit of a puzzler as authorities say they have yet to find evidence of any break-in at all.

Angry Naked Guy Terrorizes Oregon Hemp Festival

Jason M. Vaughn · 08/26/14 08:37PM

Terror struck a peaceful southern Oregon hemp expo last weekend, as an agitated, naked hulk wreaked havoc across the festival grounds—smashing cars, scaring event-goers and picking fights with state police.

New Mexico Sheriff and Son Indicted for Pistol-Whipping Incident

Jason M. Vaughn · 08/21/14 03:56PM

The history of law enforcement in New Mexico—dating back to the days of the Wild West, if not earlier—is littered with the names of men who, in a just society, would have been run out of the state on a rail instead of given a badge and a gun.

Earthquake Threat in Yellowstone Region Bigger Than First Thought

Jason M. Vaughn · 08/20/14 02:07PM

In a new report that's sure to eventually set your Facebook feed all aflutter with fresh volcanically-charged paranoia, scientists say that the risk for damaging earthquakes in the Yellowstone region is greater than originally thought.