There are some things that make Utah unique—like floating in the Great Salt Lake, or setting a new land speed record at Bonneville, or maybe just getting attacked in your own home by a pair of armed polygamous women dressed as ninjas.

According to FOX 13, the two women—armed with stun guns and knives—were arrested last week after breaking into the West Jordan home in search of a 15-year-old girl who was set to testify against their boyfriend in a rape case.

The homeowner, who was not identified over continuing fears for the safety of the alleged victim's family, says that the women—ages 18 and 22—were dressed in all dark gray or black clothes, and were wearing black gloves and masks covering everything but their eyes.

And that sounds like ninjas to me!

"My adrenaline was pumping so bad," the man said. "They grabbed for me and one of them covered my mouth, and the other grabbed my throat, but they were both pretty small so I threw them back and started shouting to get anybody awake that I could."

The man managed to control one of the ninjas by hand using some no doubt sweet moves, but when the second suspect pulled out a stun gun he suddenly pulled out a samurai sword and held her at bay until police arrived.

Again—just to recap—a Utah homeowner armed with a samurai sword apprehended two polygamous women who were dressed as ninjas and who were trying to kidnap a teenage girl out of his home to keep her from testifying in a sexual assault case.

Stay magnificent, Utah.

Image via Shutterstock